KALCEA project on the local TV station

December 15, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

Prof. Dr. Srdjan Jovic vice dean of the  FTS/UPKM promoted the Erasmus + Projects and student enrollment on the TV DANKOS Plus, on 2 September 2021 Dr. Aleksandra Petrovic Researcher, Erasmus + Officer  FTS/UPKM promoted the…

Local workshop organized at FTS/UPKM

December 15, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

WP2 UPKM-Industry Local Workshop Creation of University-Industry networks   Venue: Faculty of Technical Sciences in Kosovska Mitrovica And Via Zoom Platform 24 November 2021 Agenda (click here)

Monitoring visit by Albanian NEOs

December 15, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

On December 11, 2020, it was conducted a monitoring visit for the project KALCEA (Knowledge Triangle for a Low Carbon Economy) Status of the project: All WP1 deliverables will be completed by June 30th 2021.…

Kick off meeting at “Aleksandër Moisiu University – WP2

December 15, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

As part of the activities organized for the KALCEA project, a Kick off meeting was held at “Aleksander Moisu University” in Durres, Albania. Presentation and discussion with the UAMD working group of the project, objectives…

Local Workshop in Albania

November 4, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

ALBENECON-Local-Workshop-in-Albania-1Download Report on the current situation of the knowledge triangle in each HEI UAMD 1 Deliverable 1.2. Survey on current cooperation between HEIs and the business sector inAlbania UAMD 2 Analyses of the current situation…

UPKM Monitoring visit to KALCEA project

August 30, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

UPKM Monitoring visit to KALCEA project held on 08/06/2021  Agenda Click here Presentation – Monitoring Visit Click here Presentation – Realized and planned activities UPKM KALCEA Click here

Open door FTS/UPKM

August 14, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

On April 27, 2021 at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University in Pristina inKosovska Mitrovica, the promotional event has taken place in order to promote the ongoing Erasmus+projects implemented at the Faculty. The…

UPKM KALCEA Dissemination event

August 14, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

On 14th of June 2021 in the building of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the Universityof Pristina with a temporary headquarters in Kosovska Mitrovica, a promotion of the ERASMUS CBHE projects was held at…

Erasmus + Infoday UPKM

August 14, 2021 / By Arberita Beka

On 11th May 2021 in the Rectory building, Conference Hall, University of Pristina inKosovska Mitrovica Erasmus + Information day was organized. Prof. Dr. Zdravko Vitosevic UPKMRector, Prof. Dr. Jovan Bazic UPKM Vice rector, Mr. Goran…