Аleksandar Todorović

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Аleksandar Todorović


2002-2007 University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of  Power Engineering 

1998-2002 S.S. “28. June “E.N.Sarajevo, Electrical Engineer 

Working experience 

February 2008-March 2014 employed by MH “EPRS” -MP a.d. Trebinje ZP  “Elektrodistribucija” a.d. Pale in the duties of manager of management, investment and  supervision 

– preparation of projects for the construction of low-voltage network, 10 KV and 35 KV  transmission lines and substations of all types being built in the electricity distribution  network 

– Supervision of the construction of all types of power facilities under construction in the  electricity distribution network 

– testing and installation of measuring sets in substations 10 / 0,4 and 35/10 KV, installation  of compensation in substations 10 / 0,4 KV, repair of voltage drop on the distribution  network 

March 2014 employed by MH “EPRS” – MP a.d. Trebinje ZP “Elektrodistribucija” a.d. Pale on  Jobs by Chief working unit East Sarajevo 

– managing the organizational work of the company with the largest number of consumers  and the largest number of employees in the ZP “Elektrodistribucija” a.d. Pale 

– work on a constant increase in the level of collection rate and reduction of distributive  losses 

-manage all investments that would provide a proper power supply to all consumers

October 2017- MH ERS Director MH „ЕРС“ M.P. a.d. Trebinje – ZD “Research and  Development Center – IRCE” a.d. East Sarajevo 

Participation in projects: 

– Project 35 kV for connection of MHE “Bocac 2” 

– Project 35/10 kV, 1×4 MVA Berkovići 

-Production of technical documentation for 0,4 KV plants of our own and general  consumption of TPP Ugljevik 

-Reconstruction of cooling cabinets in TPP Ugljevik 

-Development study of short circuits for safety loads in TPP Ugljevik 

– Preparation of the project of the completed state of electrical installations building of the  ERS Trebinje  

-Test 12 KV, 1250 A distribution block