Antons Patlins

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Antons Patlins Leading researcher. IEEE member. 

His scientific interests are related, but not limited to electrical engineering, embedded systems, sustainable transport systems, effective lighting, equipment design, and energy saving technologies, computer control of electrical technologies, energy effective lighting, innovation management, project management, “green” energy solutions, education and motivation.

Participant of State Research Program “The next generation of information and communication technologies (NexIT)”. 

Taking part in Smart Energy Regions – COST Action TU1104. 

Participant of TEMPUS project “Development of Training Network for Improving Education in Energy Saving”, ENERGY. 

Management committee member (MC Substitute) from Latvia in CA COST Action CA15127 “Resilient communication services protecting end-user applications from disaster-based failures” (RECODIS). 


He is an author of more than 55 scientific publications, scientific monographs and textbooks.