Networking between higher education & research institutions and industrial/business stakeholders

Both strong networking and dynamic interaction of the higher education institutions, business sector and research institutions are pre-conditions for creation and implementation of the knowledge triangle mechanisms and concepts. Therefore, the aim of this work package is to create networks of partners from the three KT pillars, namely higher education, research, and business sector. The network will also be supported by NGO sector, since those institutions will also be invited to become the part of the network. The networks and mechanisms of exposure and engagement between academia and industry are crucial. In this context networking, establishing and sustaining trusted relationships, is a key point for research academics and businesses alike. 

Each partner country’s HEI will start with those activities in parallel with activities identified in the preparation work package and will last till the end of the project and beyond. So, those activities will also be included in project sustainability. 

WP2 Leader: University of Dzemal Bijedic Mostar, co-lead by the Polytechnic University of Tirana


  • Contact stakeholders & organize local workshops in each WBC
  • Mechanism creation & adoption of cooperation for research, education, innovation
  • University – industry network creation
  • Creation of cooperation platform
  • Creation & upload of materials published at cooperation platform

WP 2 Products: Click here for more