Creation of Knowledge-Innovation Centers (KIC) at WBC universities

One of the project objectives is creation of Knowledge-innovation centers (KIC) in western-Balkan countries involved in the application, with special emphasis in the field of Energy, including various disciplines as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, IT, economics, business management etc. by implementing a multidisciplinary approach. The Centers will be the main instrument for managing Knowledge triangle activities in the field of Energy at the institutional, local and regional level. The purpose of those centers is to generate funding support from sponsored research or consulting opportunities; to provide assistance on all areas related to entrepreneurship and intellectual property; to bring together diverse teams across the ‘Knowledge Triangle’ in one specified physical location and provide the focal points for the activities related to research, education and innovation. KICs will be from at institutions which are members of the networks created within the work package 2, so KIC activities will be realized by the members of the network created in the WP2.  Two centers will be created in B&H, one at the International BURCH University and one at the University Dzemal Bijedic. Those centers will act as focal points for B&H participants. One center will be created at the European University of Tirana and it will be focal point for Albania. Two Centers will be created in Kosovo, one at the University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica and one at the Universum College. One of the roles of those centers will be to create interaction between academia, research institutions and industry sector at national and regional level in cooperation and support of all HEIs involved in the application.

WP3 Leader: International BURCH University, co-lead institution will be Vienna University of Technology


  • Establishing of KIC at WBC universities
  • Strategy & action plan creation for KIC operation
  • Adoption of Policy on research & innovation
  • Practical training on KICs operation at TU Vienna
  • Local workshops with industry representatives
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Innovative collaborative projects by HEIs & industry partners
  • Trainings on Living Labs/Learning Factories

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