Development and implementation of professional programme in Sustainable Energy and Innovation

Everything we do, everything we rely on, the way our society is shaped so that we can live life the way we have come to know it, depends on energy. Beside the collaborative projects, professional training programme in Sustainable Energy and Innovation will be developed and implemented. Taking into consideration EU strategies on Energy, international agreements and rapid technological progress, all European countries, including WBC, are increasingly choosing renewable energy to expand their power infrastructure. Renewables provided 23% of power generation worldwide by 2014. With the rapid adoption of more ambitious plans and policies, this could reach 45% by 2030. The transition is an opportunity to expand sustainable and job-intensive economic activity. There is significant potential in global markets for low-emission technologies (renewable sources of energy), sustainable products and services.  With energy demands soaring and climate challenges growing, we need a new generation of thinkers and doers who will lead the innovations we need to ensure a sustainable energy future for all. So, “Sustainable energy and Innovation” is a part of the transitions process in the Energy sector in Europe. Pro-active re-skilling and upskilling are necessary to reap the benefits of the energy transition. 

Based on those data and analysis performed during the project preparation and consultation with representatives of the industry sector, the following topics will be included in the training: sustainable energy, innovation in energy transition processes, innovative emerging technologies, entrepreneurship in renewable energy, energy market. However, taking into consideration transition process in the Energy sector, that currently going on, more relevant topics will be included, but they will be defined in the first project year during the realization of the WP1 and further consultation with industry sector. Basically, the professional programme will be developed based on the current trends in Energy sector. The aim of the professional programme is to provide professionals/young researchers, students at Master and PhD programmes with a holistic understanding of the energy sector. 

One programme will be developed and certified in each WBC. The programme will be offered at all HEIs and it will be commonly delivered by the academic staff from all HEIs involved in the application and experts from industry sector and academic staff from the Programme countries involved.

WP4 Leader: Riga Technical University, co-lead institution is University of East Sarajevo


  • Courses development at WBC HEIs
  • Teaching material development & published at platform
  • Programme Certification
  • Programme participants enrolment
  • Professional programme delivery

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